IOW Bulgaria offers bevel-helical gearboxes, produced by our partners – renowned worldwide with the first-quality and high-efficient products.

Posiplan’s (DANA Brevini) series right angle gearboxes, combine one slow helical stage with a bevel Gleason pair, and one or more planetary stages. Reduction ratio goes from 1:10 to 1:7500 and over. They are available in seven sizes from 2000 Nm to 36000 Nm.

PIV gearboxes are produced to serve various industries – the environmental and recycling technology, material handling and cranes, the chemical industry – cement and steel sector. The PIV is based on a modular system and ensures high efficiency, reliable operation, flexibility and relatively short delivery times.

There are many standard options with a great variety of versions guarantee optimal adaptation in almost all areas of mechanical engineering. Fans, cooling coils, external oil coolers, heating rods, torque supports, engine consoles, subconstructions and operation monitoring systems are available.

The gearboxes of series RO-RV (Varvel) are manufactured of aluminum pressure die cast for the first 3 sizes and of cast iron for the others. The shaft mount version allows the flange mount B5 conversion by simply fitting one of the many output flanges available.

Various dimensions and types of output shafts (hollow with through keyway, hollow with shrink disk and solid with single or double end) are available for most applications. The series RO-RV is made in 6 sizes for each type of gearboxes, 30 reduction ratios and output torque between 180 and 3400 Nm.

The gearboxes series RO-RV consist of bevel/helical gearboxes with one bevel and two helical trains and hollow output shaft as standard.