In the area of electric motors our company cooperates with world-famous manufacturers. Our suppliers are Italian and Polish companies characterized by the high quality of their products and short delivery time.

Our portfolio covers not only standard electric motors but also special ones, upon customers special requests.

Motors manufactured with ATEX certificate, additional cooling, brake installation, power supply changes are just a few examples of motors customized by our clients for their specific needs and requirements

We also supply DC motors. The main features of EC ferrite permanent magnets DC electric motors in our range are: Magnetic field generated by permanent ferrite magnets; Tubular construction, without fan;

Available in 6 sizes: diameter 42, 52, 65, 81, 104, 110 mm; Low voltage power supply, 12 or 24 Vdc; Power ratings available from 30 to 800 W S2; High starting torque; High torque and output power with compact package.