IOW Bulgaria offers a large range of hydraulic motors built on almost all principles. Starting with gear-hydraulic motors, radial-piston hydraulic motors and hydraulic motors.

Axial-piston hydraulic motors are available in addition to a constant volume and with regulators that allow a smooth change of volume from zero to maximum. High-torque motors can also be installed without the need for a mechanical gearbox.

Hydraulic motors are used in various industries such as:

  • Agriculture – Tractors, Mowers, Balers, Wood chippers, Combines, Telescopic handlers, Sprayers, Forestry machines, Seeders and more.;
  • Metallurgy – Hydraulic presses, Metal cutting and metalworking machines, etc.;
  • Construction – Concrete mixers, Concrete pumps, Asphalt laying machines, Excavating machines, Probes, etc.;
  • Warehouse equipment – Forklifts, Electric trucks, etc.;
  • Automotive;
  • Energy;