Power hydraulics are customized for open and close loop hydrostatic solutions. We develop complete system, based on long term experience build by hydraulic-electronic components, engineered by approved suppliers. Designed system we charge by variable displacement axial/piston, radial piston, or gear pumps and controlled by proportional valves, directional control valves, solenoid valves, combined with electronic cards.

Hydraulic motors
Brake systems

We support our customers to build top performance and ensure technical assistance through the whole production cycle.

IOW Bulgaria offers a wide range of valves with different installation options:

  • directional valves with direct action with manual, mechanical, fluid and electromagnetic control;
  • directional valves with fluid and electromagnetic pilot control;
  • saddle valves;
  • check valves;
  • various safety valves and reducing valves;
  • throttle and flow regulators;
  • two-way built-in valves (cartridge elements);
  • hydroaccumulators.

The hydraulic components that we present find applications in various industries such as:

  • Agriculture – Tractors, Mowers, Balers, Wood chippers, Combines, Telescopic handlers, Sprayers, Forestry machines, Seeders and more;
  • Metallurgy – Hydraulic presses, Metal cutting and metalworking machines, etc.;
  • Construction – Concrete mixers, Concrete pumps, Asphalt laying machines, Excavating machines, Probes, etc.;
  • Warehouse equipment – Forklifts, Electric trucks, etc.;
  • Automotive;
  • Energy;