ЙОВ България предлага голям набор, различни по обем помпи, изградени на вариативни принципи: зъбни помпи, радиално-бутални и аксиално-бутални помпи. Аксилнобуталните помпи се предлагат с различни вариации на управление: с постоянен обем и с регулатори, позволяващи плавна промяна на обема от нула до максимум, LS управление, механично, хидравлично, електрохидравлично и аутомотивно.

Modular design is suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting with dual drive shafts that provide flexibility of coupling. PIV velocity changer has a wide range of variable ratio of 1:3,1:4.5,1:6 with operationally reversible.

The standard variator is provided with a graduated dial giving a speed reference. On request the variators can be fitted with detection devices (AC or DC generator or potentiometer) used with an ordinary velocity indicator (volt meter or digital indicator) or connected to a regulator system.

Varvel’s variators series VR have a continuous and adjustable 5:1 speed range performed by a patented motor sliding mechanism on cylindrical ways. All this helps avoiding backlash and vibrations. A unique fully sealed inner arrangement prevents foreign matter from entering the variator housing and allowing the protection grade IP66 as standard.

The speed ratio can be changed whether the motor is running or not. On the contrary of other types of variators, no “tracking” or wearing of cone surface occurs when speed is kept constant over a long period of time.

The variator mechanism is dry running (pack greased cam and roller bearings), while gearboxes coupled to the variator are oil filled before dispatch, the lubricant type is marked on name plate.